Sad Farewell to Ambassador Comanche

Ambassador Comanche

Click image to visit Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoption.

I learned today that Sam Blake’s wolf sanctuary, Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoption (NCWR&A), lost a dear member of their pack this past week.  Wolf Dog Comanche, an education ambassador for the rescue, passed away sometime during the night just last Sunday, due to a long-term heart condition.

In 2006, I created the first of an annual series of  “Good Dogs” calendars through The calendars were an awareness project of mine which featured canine ambassadors representing breeds targeted by breed-specific legislation (BSL).  Ambassador Comanche, then 3 y.o., was selected for the month of January. The image above is Comanche’s calendar photo, which the Never Cry Wolf rescue is still selling in poster form to help raise funds. The prose on the image, by an unknown author, reads:

Perhaps it was the eyes of the wolf,
measured, calm, knowing.

Perhaps it was the intense sense of family.
After all, wolves mate for life, are loyal partners,
create hunting communities and demonstrate
affectionate patience in pup rearing.

Perhaps it was the rigid hierarchy of the packs.
Each wolf had a place in the whole
and yet retained his individual personality.

Perhaps it was their great, romping,
ridiculous sense of fun.

Perhaps it was some celestial link
with the winter night skies
that prompted the wolf to lay his song on the icy air.

For the native people who lived with the wolves,
(and the wolves once ranged
from the Arctic to the sub-tropics),
there was much to learn from them.

Is it any wonder that the myths of many tribes
characterize the wolves not as killers
but as teachers?

In his role as an education ambassador, Comanche taught many of us about his kind — wolves and wolf hybrids.  His beautiful spirit will sorely be missed; his memory, long cherished. With this sad news, we extend our hearts and condolences to Sam Blake and Never Cry Wolf’s family, pack members and devoted volunteers. We know, somewhere over that rainbow bridge, Comanche is once again romping with that great, ridiculous sense of fun.

To send your condolences, donate or learn more about these magnificent creatures, check out the Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoption website or visit them on Facebook.

NCWR&A is a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation which exists to rescue and nurture wolves and wolf-hybrids that have been abused or abandoned, and to educate the public of the myths and poor treatment of these beautiful animals.


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