Pet Food Express: My Mutt Photo Program

PFE My Mutt Program

Click image to visit Pet Food Express' My Mutt Page.

If you’ve ever been to any of the many Pet Food Express (PFE) retail stores in the Bay Area, you’ve likely noticed the gorgeous posters on display bearing the photos of dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and other pets. These posters were all created for PFE’s My Mutt program, which PFE describes as thus:

The large, striking pictures on the walls of the Pet Food Express stores are images of dogs and cats that have been adopted from Bay Area shelters and rescue groups. These photos are our way of celebrating these wonderful animals and also a means of helping out the rescue organizations and shelters who do the tireless front line work of finding homes for animals in need…

Here is how the My Mutt program works: Pet Food Express pays all associated costs of producing the striking photographs and mounting them in our stores. We estimate that each photograph costs us about $400 to produce & install. When you donate at least $250 to a Bay Area animal shelter or rescue group of your choice, your pet’s photo* will be produced & mounted on a wall of a Pet Food Express store. For a donation of $500 or more, you can keep the poster after it has been displayed for about 10 – 12 months. Your donation will help sustain the work of shelters and rescue groups by providing food, medical needs, space and other miscellaneous shelter needs. Your donation may be tax deductible, and most importantly, you get the great feeling that comes with helping homeless pets!

PFE contracts with some of the best pet photographers in the Bay Area, so you can bet your pet’s photo will be of the highest quality. What a fantastic way to memorialize your pet while at the same time making a donation to the rescue group or shelter of your choice.  Head on over the PFE’s My Mutt page to learn more about the program or to download an application.



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