Cody, Phineas and Jackson (& BFF, Emma)

Yesterday’s pet adoption fair held at the Redwood City Pet Food Express for Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue was a resounding success, drawing lots of attention and resulting in new homes for two or three very lucky Labs — including Phineas, one of the dogs featured in this post.

While at the fair, I had the honor of photographing three of the Labs-in-waiting: Cody, a sweet black girl of a Lab; Phineas, a strapping chocolate boy; and Jackson, a laid-back “Old Yeller” type.  Jackson, accompanied by his temporary fairy god-family, shared the stage with Emma, an adorable two-legged attention-getter who was there to help Jackson find just the right new home. Here are my favorite shots of each of them, along with image links to view their full slideshows:

Cody (click image to view Cody’s full slideshow):

Cody, available for adoption through GGLRR.

Phineas (click image to view Phineas’ full slideshow):

Phineas, adoption pending (!) through GGLRR.

Jackson (click image to view Jackson’s full slideshow):

Jackson, available for adoption through GGLRR (pending release).

Emma (click image to enlarge):

Emma, Jackson's BFF and GGLRR Pet Fair volunteer.


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