Needed: A True Forever Home for Colby

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This easy-going, big yellow Lab was apparently dumped by his former owner and is now in need of a new, true forever home.  I received the following email this morning from Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue (GGLRR) which details Colby’s story:

COLBY:  9 year old neutered yellow male Lab,  90 pounds

Colby was dumped. Sad, but true. Some good samaritans took him in and contacted Lab Rescue and their daughter named him “Jackson”.  Some neighbors first noticed him hanging around the street, heartbreakingly watching cars go by as if he were looking for his owners.  (He actually climbed into their neighbor’s car!) Such trusting souls are labs.  They brought him inside to make sure he didn’t get run over, and they now need to find a good home for this sweet boy.  Jackson appears to be an older yellow lab  They were calling him Jackson, but have since found out that his name is Colby. With the help of GGLRR they were able to get Colby scanned and they found a microchip.  Unfortunately, the owners have not claimed him, despite repeated calls from the micro-chip company (Home Again).  The company was able to share with them that his real name is Colby and he is 9 years old and that his last known home was in Modesto (which seems to confirm that he was dropped in their neighborhood). The necessary paperwork has been transferred out of the former owner’s name into theirs, and can then transfer to the new owners.  His guardian angels find him to be a very sweet, loving dog.  Despite being a “senior”, he is extremely agile.   He LOVES to play fetch and will chase a tennis ball tirelessly!  He also enjoys going for a ride and can easily jump into the back of their Jeep on his own.  Even with all that energy, though, his favorite thing in the world seems to be lying on the floor next to your feet and getting a good ear scratch. Ah, the life of a dog. They even took him camping with them last weekend, and he behaved very well.  True to lab form, they took him to the beach and he just loved the water; he had tons of fun running to the edge of the surf and chasing a ball.  He’s just a fun-loving, happy boy.  He gets along well with other dogs as they have left him unattended in their home with other two dogs and had no issues.  He really seems to gravitate toward children and loves to hang out with their six-year-old.  They hope to find him a good home or a foster home until a permanent one can be found.  He would be such a catch for someone who wants the sweet lab personality without the puppy trials and tribulations!  They would keep him but they already have two other dogs. He knows basic commands, such as sit, down, and stay.

If you are interested in saving this sweet trusting soul, please call GGLRR Lab Rescue Rep, Kathleen at 707-257-1326.

I took these photos of Colby/Jackson while at the GGLRR Pet Fair at the Redwood City Pet Food Express on May 8th.  This good-hearted boy was such a big softie — a smiling, good-natured people-pleaser of a dog.  If “calm, content and cuddly” are what you’re looking for in a new best friend, Colby is your boy.  Please give Kathleen a call if you can help this lovable “Old Yeller” find his true new home.

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