Worldwide Photo Walk 2010 – Evergreen, San Jose

A Canada Goose strikes a pose at Evergreen Park in San Jose. Click to enlarge.

Saturday, July 24th, was the 3rd annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk which saw over 33,000 shutterbugs take to the streets in over 1,100 cities, worldwide.  Ananda and I participated in two walks this year, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Our morning group of about 15 camera buffs met up near Evergreen Valley Community College, located in the heart of the Evergreen/Silver Creek area of eastern San Jose.  Luu Duong, our lovely walk leader, led us on a relatively easy hike up Montgomery Hill —  located in, appropriately, Montgomery Hill Park, an undeveloped area adjacent to the college. The open space area is named after John Joseph Montgomery, an aviation pioneer who died in 1911 when his glider, The Evergreen, crashed in the area during a test flight.

The best time of year to visit the park is springtime, when the hills are green and flaunting fields of wildflowers.  In July, the green grasses and most of the flowers are gone, but the golden hills of summertime and occasional pop of floral color offered plenty of photographic opportunities.  At the hill’s summit, we were rewarded with sweeping views of the valley.  Unfortunately, there was a bit of haze which prevented clear shots of downtown, but the views were striking, nonetheless.  After our group had taken our fill of shots, we headed down the hill to the college campus where lies the lovely little Evergreen Park.

The park is property of the college and beautifully landscaped and maintained. The central features of the park are a fairly large man-made pond, graceful fountains and a quaint footbridge which is popular among wedding photographers.  Wildlife included ducks, cormorants, a friendly flock of Canada Geese and some of the biggest, most colorful dragonflies I’ve ever seen (see image, below).

Below are a couple more images from the morning’s photo walk (click to enlarge).  Flickr slideshow of the full set of images –>

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2010 – Evergreen, San Jose, CA

Tomorrow’s post will cover our evening photo walk along Pacific Mall in Santa Cruz, CA (A colorful feast for both eyes and lens!)

Atop the summit of Montgomery Hill, San Jose, CA. Click to enlarge.

A dragonfly poses at Evergreen Park, San Jose, CA. Click to enlarge.



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