Nikko - a.k.a., Catzilla - attacking his Kong carrot. Click to enlarge.

Last Saturday night it was the cats’ turn to frolic on the white seamless.  Featured in the photo above and in the photos below is our 9 y.o. kitteh, Nikko, playing — er, make that attacking — the Kong feather-topped carrot, stuffed with what we call magic chicken dust, a.k.a., kitty crack (Dehydrated pieces of chicken breast.  Our cats are insane for this stuff!)

Though Nikko did an exceptional job of modeling — he was quite the ham, actually — I was less than thrilled with my results.  Oh man it is hard to light black fur.  Need. To. Practice. More.

Nikko, 'neath the carrot-toe. Click to enlarge.

Our cat, Nikko. Playing around with split toning. Click to enlarge.


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