Rufus: A New Forever

Rufus, 10 y.o. Chocolate Lab. Click for slideshow.

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Rufus, a too-sweet-for-words 10-year-old Chocolate Lab. Rufus is the newest foster Lab of Kathy and James Coon, foster parents to some nine or ten dogs over the years for Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue (GGLRR).

Rufus was abandoned in a Marin dog park — spent a cold lonely night there until someone noticed the gray-muzzled senior wandering the park alone. The Marin Humane Society became Rufus’ next “home” until GGLRR came to his aid and placed him into foster care. The Marin Humane Society had this to say, in describing Rufus:

Rufus is a sweet and kind-natured, mature Lab. He has a big circular wag for everyone he meets: Adults, children, other dogs. He plays a little bit of fetch (maybe four or five rounds) and enjoys walks and playing in the yard. He is house-trained, very calm and relaxed and is very friendly. He walks well on leash, meets dogs appropriately on leash and is polite and respectful off leash to other dogs. Rufus loves everyone he meets and will do well in most households. As a senior Rufus does not need a great deal of exercise, just a daily walk will do.

What I found in my visit with Rufus was precisely what the Marin Humane Society described: An easy-going, friendly guy with a heart of gold — a heart that pumps love with every beat, in spite of the many times it’s been broken. Foster dad, James, writes of Rufus’  “heart problem,” in a recent post to his wisdom-laced blog, No Funny Business:

I’m worried about his heart problem.

Oh, it pumps all right, moves the blood around. But I think he’s never really had much attention paid to him. No “good boy”s. Maybe he was left alone with just a bowl and a blanket. Just as he was left alone at the dog park, until somebody finally noticed him and brought him in. So now he stays with us, heart bursting with a lifetime of love and devotion—just waiting for the right people to give it all to.

When he finds those people, he’ll have no more heart problem.

Agreed, James. A new home with the right people, people who will commit their love and devotion for the remainder of Rufus’ days, are just what the vet would no doubt order: A new forever for this gold-hearted hound.

Check out this heart-tugger for yourself by viewing his slideshow, photo gallery and the video, below. Visit Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue’s website to learn how you can make this golden boy your own.


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