I *HEART* Dino

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Better late than never
, so the saying goes.  Due to this never-ending illness (arrrgh!), I completely missed Valentine’s Day and any photo opps surrounding it.  But this past week we had a beautiful boy by the name of Dino staying with us while his mom was in Spain, and I knew I just had to photograph him before he returned home.  Thanks to my lovely spouse, Ananda, who did all the set up and breakdown, I was able to do a short studio shoot of Dino on Monday, just hours before his mom returned for him. Dino was a trooper and knew how to hit his mark and find the light — a supermodel dog if ever there was one!

Dino is not only beautiful but talented as well:  Dino is a Hearing Dog, trained by the wonderful folks at The Sam Simon Foundation, a non-profit dog rescue and advocacy group based in Los Angeles.  The foundation rescues young adult dogs from shelters and trains them to be hearing assistance dogs.  Those dogs which do not pass muster are made available for adoption. Those that successfully complete the 4 t0 6 month training program are given, at no cost, to qualified Californians who are profoundly hearing impaired.  The foundation also offers low-cost spay and neuter and mobile veterinary services.  Check out their website for more info.

Here are a couple more “I heart Dino” shots from our short but productive session.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone!

Click image to view slideshow.

Click image to view slideshow.


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