Long, Tall Cooper

Cooper, available through GGLRR. Click image to view slideshow.

I’ve been sitting a new boy these past two weeks and is he ever the charmer.  Young, lean and lanky,  2-year-old Cooper has legs that seem to never end. He’s definitely a mix of black Lab and perhaps the reincarnation of legendary movie cowboy, Gary Cooper.  This canine Coop is one cool dude — laid back while in the house but springs into an awe-inspiring action hero when let loose in the dog park. Extremely athletic, Coop can run like the wind; he’s the ideal companion for an active family or individual and will make an excellent running partner or quite possibly, agility contender.

Coop is an affectionate, gentle soul who gets along wonderfully with other dogs.  Due to his strength and size, Coop would fair best with adults and older children, especially those who are committed to an active lifestyle and to giving Coop the daily exercise this energetic athlete needs.  For more information on how to adopt this lovely lean machine, visit Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue website.

Here are a couple more photos of Slim, a.k.a., Cooper.  To view the entire set, click any of the images view the slideshow.

Click to view slideshow.

Click to view slideshow.


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