Dutch: A Lemon-lovin’ Lab

Available for adoption through GGLRR. Click to view slideshow.

Chocolate and lemons — sounds like the perfect ingredients for a sweet dessert.  And that’s just what Dutch, a spry one-year-old, is:  A delightfully sweet Chocolate Lab with a love for fetching lemons!

Ananda and I spent a fun Sunday afternoon photographing Dutch as he cavorted in his fosters’ vast backyard: Chasing, catching and retrieving lemons (along with the occasional ball). This handsome young lad has energy to spare!

Dutch’ original guardian purchased him as a puppy, intending to train him for hunting.  But when it was discovered Dutch had a minor hip problem, the former guardian surrendered this gorgeous boy to Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue (GGLRR), claiming Dutch was not a good physical candidate for hunting.  However, as Dutch’s video attests (see below), this Chocolate is not slowed down one bit by his hip issue — he can walk, run, jump and frolic like any healthy active Lab.

Beyond his athletic beauty, Dutch is also an affectionate lover boy.  According to his fosters, Dutch gets along with adults, children, cats, other dogs.  For the full scoop on Dutch, visit the GGLRR website to read his intriguing bio.

Click the links below to view Dutch’s slideshow or visit his photo gallery.

Slideshow | Gallery

And be sure to check out Dutch’s video!


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