Brown-eyed Girl, Duchess

Available for adoption through GGLRR. Click image to view slideshow.

This past Sunday, Ananda and I had the pleasure of meeting the newest furry foster of our friends, James and Kathy:  Duchess, a sleek-coated black Lab with big, laughing brown eyes that will quickly draw you into her sphere of irrepressible joy.

This bubbly girl is a true testament to the saying, “Age is just a number.” At ten years young, Duchess wiggles and waggles with all the enthusiasm of a dog half her age.  Playful, active and always smiling, Duchess is no over-the-hill couch potato — anything but!  A word of warning, however: Her joyful nature is seriously infectious; one simply cannot be grumpy with this happy-go-lucky girl around.

Foster-mom Kathy sums up Duchess in a single word: Perfection. James, on the other hand, is happy to elaborate, as he did n the engaging bio he wrote for the Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue website:

“Her Grace” may very well spoil us for all our future foster dogs. She walks perfectly. Has impeccable manners. She is mild-mannered and smart. Learned “out” in 15 minutes. Is interested in the squirrels and birds (or bigger things) we encounter on our pre-dawn walks, but never bolts or pulls inappropriately. She is surprisingly playful for her years, and will return her ratty little football if you throw it—once she’s squeaked it to death. When she wants to play or gets excited, she hops. Duchess is social, settled and secure. Never bothersome or needy. Interacts amazingly well with humans…

That’s just a sampling — there’s much more to learn about this delightful brown-eyed beauty over at the GGLRR website.  In the meantime, check out Duchess’ photo slideshow from Sunday’s shoot, as well as her youtube video, below.


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