In Memory: Sweet Sonny

Click image to view Sonny's photo gallery.

I received sad news today that sweet little Sonny passed o’er the bridge last night.

Sonny was an FIV+ kitty who had recently developed cancer.  His very special mom, Anne, adopted Sonny several years ago through the Stanford Cat Network.  A few weeks ago, Anne contacted me through this blog to arrange a remembrance photo session for Sonny.  The image above, along with those in Sonny’s Picasa Web gallery, were all taken during this session.  It was an honor and a privilege to meet Sonny and spend time getting to know him.  He was just the sweetest guy, filled with so much gentle charm and unconditional affection.

Our sincere condolences to Anne, whose love, care and devotion over these past years no doubt enhanced and enriched this boy’s life.  Ananda and I are so happy we were able to create for Anne images that will serve as an enduring keepsake and tribute to Sonny’s beauty, character and memory.

Tonight, we will light a candle in Sonny’s memory and silently wish him peace and tranquility in his journey o’er the rainbow bridge.

Rest in peace, little one.


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