Miranda, Echo, Zack, Minnie & Fletch

Last Saturday, the Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue (GGLRR) held an adoption fair at the Redwood City Pet Food Express, and asked if I could drop by to get some current photos of some of their adoptees.  It was a wonderful day for an afternoon outdoor shoot as the sky was overcast and the light, soft and filtered. In all, I photographed five lovely Labs, some of whom have already found new homes! Here are my favorite images of the fab five (click each image to see their full slidesow):


Miranda is a sweet 12 y.o. senior girl — just as laid back and loving as one could hope for, yet still has plenty of spring to her step. Miranda was found wandering in an empty lot up in Sonoma — probably dumped there and left to survive on her own. This golden girl deserves so much better; but she is still awaiting a new forever home. Visit GGLRR to learn more about this sweetie pie.

Miranda, awaiting adoption through GGLRR. Click to view slideshow.


Echo is a gorgeous 1 y.o. black Lab (AKC registered) with a classic head, big brown eyes and youthful energy to spare. She is a 90 lb. “puppy” at heart and has a smile and a lick for everyone she meets. Echo, I am happy to report, has been adopted and is now settling into her new home. Congrats, Miss Echo! Enjoy your new life!

Echo, awaiting adoption through GGLRR. Click image to view Echo's slideshow.


Handsome Zack is a 6 y.o. black Lab mix with bright, laughing eyes and a big infectious smile.  Zack is compact and strong, muscled and athletic. He is also gregarious, eager and friendly to one and all. Visit GGLRR to learn more about “Zack the Black”!

Zack, available for adoption through GGLRR. Click image to see Zack's slideshow.


This petite yellow Lab is a heart stealer. So sweet and loving, in fact, she had people lining up at the pet fair, vying to be her new peeps.  Please check with GGLRR to confirm her current availability, as she is not yet listed on the GGLRR website, nor has she been listed as having been adopted.


Minnie, a petite yellow Lab rescued by GGLRR. Click to view Minnie's slideshow.


‘Big Red’ Fletch is a 5 y.o. chocolate Lab –his coat is an amazingly deep, rich red and his eyes, mesmerizing orange. The soft overcast light really showcased Fletch’s vibrant color palette! Like Echo, Fletch too has been adopted (his adoption is pending) — no more long, indefinite stays at the pet hotel! So happy for this big old boy! Congrats, Fletch, and may your new home be your happiest and your last!


Fletch, a chocolate Lab rescued by GGLRR. Click image to view Fletch's slideshow.


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