Labradoodle Doo!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph two of my favorite models: Casey and Frannie, two adorable Labradoodles.

Casey, mom to Frannie, has a very dense black curly coat which just soaks up the light like a sponge — in the past, I’ve always had a difficult time getting the exposure right for poor Casey (black fur can be challenging, especially in bad light conditions, as it was on this particular day). Getting the exposure right for Casey’s black fur is even more difficult when I try to shoot mom and daughter together, as Frannie is nearly as light as Casey is dark.  Anyway, it was a lesson in shooting in full manual mode and figuring out how to properly expose one without completely under- or over-exposing the other.

Casey was certainly in the mood for posing this day. She gave good face: Had so many lovely, classic shots of her, it was hard to pick just one.  Here is my fave of Casey’s shots:

Casey, first generation Labradoodle. Click to view larger image.

And here is a shot of mom and daughter, looking very posh:

Frannie & Casey, Labradoodles. Click to view larger image.

Post-processing in Adobe RAW and CS5 included Kubota Actions Pow Wow, HDArrgh, a faux HDR tonal process which really helps to bring out the depth in black fur. Post vignetting in the image of Casey (first image), as well.

Equipment: Canon 5D, Canon Ef 24-105mm f/2.8L


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