Ol’ Blue Eyes

Meet Sinatra, named after Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, for obvious reasons.  However, this Sinatra’s not exactly old — still a teenager really (in cat years), and chock-full of the dickens, too.  His high energy and short attention span pushed the limits of the AF (auto-focus) function of my camera, reminding me how very much easier dogs are to photograph than are cats.  But with the able assistance of my oh-so-patient spouse, Ananda, I did manage to snag a few “keepers” of this blue-eyed charmer.

As a kitten, Sinatra was adopted — and returned — several times before landing permanently into the arms of his current mom, Jennifer, due to his high energy and penchant for mischief.  Though Jennifer amusingly refers to Sinatra as “Devil Cat,” there is definitely a little angel lurking just beneath the surface of his beautiful fur, as revealed in his rather dashing photos.

Click any of the photos below to view his fulll-screen slideshow. Enjoy!

Sinatra, rescued by his mom, Jennifer. Click image to view slideshow.

Sinatra, rescued by mom, Jennifer. Click the image to view Sinatra's slideshow.

Sinatra, rescued by mom, Jennifer. Click the image above to view Sinatra's slideshow.

Equipment: Canon 5D, Canon Speedlite 430EX II in 40″ umbrella softbox, gold reflector. Adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS5.


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