Happy Adoption, Miss Piper!

Teddy (left), Piper (center) and Dahlia (right) share kisses. Click to view gallery.

Last Sunday, Ananda and I were invited to share in the celebration of Piper Berry’s official adoption party.  The soiree was held at the Lincoln High School Dog Park, a fenced one-acre field of manicured green grass, bounded by the high school’s tennis courts on one side, and an athletic playing field on the other.  With room to run, there was a lot of romping and fetching and chasing going on.  The happy dogs even got to share some drooling-good doggy cupcakes from Biscuits Dog Boutique, located in San Jose’s historic Japantown.

Piper is a yellow Lab with big brown, saucer-like eyes.  She’s as gentle as she is bossy (especially at mealtime) and has had her share of life’s ups and downs.  Originally bred to be a guide dog for the bline, she unfortunately fell short of the program’s expectations and so had to be adopted out instead.  Five or six years later, her adopted family decided they didn’t have the time or interest for her and looked to Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue (GGLRR) to re-home her.  Thus began Piper’s new life:  She soon became a foster dog and landed in the happy home of one of GGLRR’s many wonderful foster volunteers:  Janet Berry.  Soon after, a vet exam revealed Piper was heartworm positive and suffered from a severe skin condition.  Fast forward a few months: Piper is now heartworm free and her skin condition is vastly improved, thanks to the attentive care of her foster mom and the talented medical staff at The Whole Pet Vet in Los Gatos, CA.

In those months of foster care, Piper stole the heart of not only her foster mom, Janet, but also that of Teddy Berry, Janet’s dog-in-residence.  A yellow Lab like Piper, Teddy is also a GGLRR success story — he was adopted by Janet a few years ago after GGLRR rescued him from deplorable living conditions up in Oregon.

Adoption by her foster mom renders Piper as what rescue folks amusingly refer to as a “foster failure”– but it’s all good and grand for everyone concerned:  Piper has a new and permanent home;  Teddy has a new playmate and sister-dog, and Janet, a wonderful new sofa-snuggler, bedtime foot-warmer and all-around best friend.  Happy endings for one and all!

We sign off with a jubilant “Happy adoption, Miss Piper! May your new home and family be yours forever!”  Below are more images from Piper’s adoption party — many, many more can be seen by visiting her event gallery at our NikRaye Photography website.

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