Pam & Dahlia

Pam and Dahlia
Yesterday’s post featured Janet and her two yellow Labs, Teddy and Piper, who booked a session last month for the Smile for a Cure campaign. Joining in the same shoot at the Penitencia Creek percolation ponds were Pam and her gorgeous pitty mix, Dahlia.

The bond between Pam and Dahlia was so evident during the shoot, and well it should be — the two have been through a lot together.  Dahlia was one among a litter of pups needing rescue in Mexico. Not long after finding her way into Pam’s heart and home, a young Dahlia suffered life-threatening complications after being spayed.  With Pam’s nurturing, Dahlia survived but was soon after diagnosed with Lime’s disease. Yet again, young Dahlia beat the odds and now the Lime’s Disease is in remission.  To look at her now, one would never guess this graceful girl had such a history of health challenges; she is now the picture of health, happiness and glowing beauty, as the images below will attest.  Dahlia is truly a testament of the healing power of the love and devotion Pam and Dahlia so evidently and indisputably hold for one another.

Here are some of my favorites of Pam and Dahlia from the session:


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