Adopt Yoda | 01.09.2013

We were contacted this past week by San Jose Animal Advocates to photograph a big Maine Coon kitty boy named Yoda.  We met this lovely boy last night and fell in love.  He was so calm, utterly regal and quite a natural at posing for the camera.

Only 3 y.o., Yoda’s situation is sad and very urgent.  His guardian has terminal cancer and can no longer care for him.  Yoda is temporarily staying with a relative who is moving out of state in 3 weeks and cannot take Yoda with her, so Yoda desperately needs a new home or foster family.  Yoda is a laid-back, sweetheart of a giant. He weighs 30+ lbs. but is happy to just snuggle in bed next to his person and keep them warm.  He loves other kitties, gets along great with dogs, LOVES to be brushed and likes to splish and splash in his water bowl with his paws. He is vaccinated, neutered, healthy and brimming with love.  If you can help provide this boy a home, please contact San Jose Animal Advocates as soon as possible. If not, please share Yoda’s story with others to help find him a new furever home. (Click the “more…” link at the end of this post to see all of Yoda’s gallery.)



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