Adopt Bambi | 01.12.2013

San Jose Animal Advocates asked us to photograph a delicate little fawn of a Chihuahua named Bambi, available for adoption through St. Francis Animal Protection Society.  We spent yesterday with little Bambi, her foster mom, Shyla, and her bestest friend, a cutie pie named Sade (as in the singer, Sade).

Bambi is a wee bit of a girl, estimated to be 6 y.o. who tips the scale at just 6 lbs. She was rescued from the San Jose animal shelter two months ago and placed into foster care where she is blooming. Bambi is considered a “special needs” dog: When rescued she had a skin condition that resulted in large patches of fur loss. She was also underweight, a bit wobbly due some minor neurological deficit, and terrified of everything and everyone. Through the loving care of her foster mom, Bambi’s fur is now growing back, she’s gained weight and is learning courage and confidence through daily walks and through her companionship with Sade (the little pug/doxie mix pictured with Bambi).

Though Bambi has come a long way, she will need a guardian who is in tune to her special emotional needs and delicate physical nature. To learn more about this precious girl,  contact San Jose Animal Advocates.

(Click the “more…” link at the end of this post to see all of Bambi’s gallery.)


Click on any of the images below to begin Bambi’s slideshow.


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