Can You Save Peanut?

Update (10/6/2011): Peanut has been adopted!!

Our friends with San Jose Animal Advocates have recently launched a new initiative called the Last Chance Pet Project. Read about what the program is, and how it works here.

Even though many animals are adopted from shelters and rescue groups, there is still a major problem of adoptable animals being euthanized in California (estimated at over 1 million).  Despite these grim statistics, as a community we can take a stand and help try to save one at a time.  The animals who are included in the Last Chance Project are at the greatest risk for euthanasia and are located at the San Jose Animal Care Center, one of the largest shelters in California.

Can you Save Peanut?

Save Peanut

About Peanut:  Peanut has been at the shelter for over two months and has become increasingly depressed due to the shelter environment.  She is a gentle soul who is looking to provide a lifetime of love and comfort.  Her expressive green eyes light up when you enter the room.  Her favorite things?  Petting and rays of sun.Do you have room in your heart and home for this sweet girl who has endured the shelter environment for as long as she can?   Help us campaign for Peanut and find her a forever home before it is too late!

What Can You Do to Help?

  • Network for Peanut!  Peanut has her own Facebook page.  Please help get the word out about her.  Time is of the essence!
  • Donate to the cause – San Jose Animal Advocates is asking for small donations (no amount is too small) to help us fund Facebook ads for endangered shelter pets like Peanut.  Their past experience with this method of getting the word out has been HIGHLY successful.   Instead of buying a coffee today at Peet’s/Starbucks, donate a few dollars to help save a life!  Please visit their ChipIn page to donate.

Download Peanut’s Flyer!Peanut's Flyer

Please download this flyer and post at

  • a community center
  • your work or office
  • a library
  • a coffee shop
  • a neighborhood market
  • at school
  • on campus
  • your local pet food store
  • your groomer’s or vet’s office
  • anywhere you think Peanut’s new owner can be found!

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